5/14/18: To the Seniors


Erik Briseno, DDE Principal

Cardinal Seniors,

At the end of every school year I find myself deep in reflection about the impact the educators at Eisenhower have made on you.  After many conversations with many of you, I know that you are ready to take the next steps in your journey. While the journey will not be easy, rest assured that you do possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful post-DDE.

I am inspired by the opportunities and successes that lie before you.  Please be reminded that only you control your journey.  You have always been in control.  Having said this, I am eager to see you excel in the military, college, technical school or in the workforce.  Whatever path you choose, believe that you can make a difference.

You will always be a Cardinal.  You will always have educators who care about you at DDE.  Class of 2018, thank you and congratulations!

Erik Briseño
Principal DDE